Dino Exchange


The following is more than just a roadmap. It is a list of major milestones that DinoExchange wants to achieve. We are working to create a solid and transparent financial foundation, with strong calculated financial principles and tools that bring outstanding value to our users.

Decentralized Exchange (AMM)

Always available AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX (Decentralized Exchange), powered by the DINO token, with trading prices set by a preset formula rather than an order book.

Yield Farming

Farming and staking mechanisms for the users to generate high rewards and incentives, with the DINO token as the backbone of the ecosystem.

Dex Aggregator

An algorithm that aggregates different liquidity protocols to discover the most efficient swap for your buy/sell order to maximize the tokens received.


A statistical automatic analysis system that assists users in capturing market information.

Portfolio Tracker

All in one - an asset management portal for decentralized finance (Defi) on BSC. Users can log in with their wallets and see all their assets in one place, as well as simple interfaces for making further investments – in yield farming, liquidity mining, or simply diversifying their token holdings.


Provably-fair games run on top of the DeFi ecosystem, such as lottery, dice, and more.
Each game will have a unique mechanism to lock/burn DINO tokens to reduce the circulating token supply.

Binary Option Trading

The first decentralized binary option, in which the platform plays a neutral role. A portion of trading fee will be used to burn and buyback tokens.

Limit Order

Offering the Limit Order functionality for all the DinoExchange users on the platform. It will allow users to fully control their order by buying and selling at a specified price.

Margin Trading

Leveraged and margin trading, also on top of the decentralized order book exchange.

Mobile DApp

Fully functional and responsive mobile DApp for both Android and iOS to ensure 24/7 access to the DinoExchange ecosystem.

Payment Gateway

Integrating the DINO token into payment gateways on iOS and Android for users to make rapid and convenient purchases

Cross-Chain Swaps Enabled on Dino DEX

Cross-chain swap on DinoExchange DEX allows users to swap their cryptocurrencies across popular blockchains, without having to switch between platforms.